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Jhoana Cayme-Mosley, athletic coordinator and physical education teacher, has been appointed as Athletic Director for Lakehill Preparatory School beginning with the 2021-2022 school year. Coach Cayme-Mosley has been coaching at Lakehill since 2007 and in 2009 she joined the faculty full time as a teacher and coach. 
“It is my honor and privilege to name Jhoana Athletic Director of Lakehill,” said outgoing Athletic Director Bob Yttredahl. “Since joining the Warrior family fifteen years ago, she has been a huge asset to our campus.”
Bob Yttredahl is going into his 16th year at Lakehill and will continue to focus on his role as Head of Upper School. Mr. Yttredahl will stay connected with athletics this school year to help guide Jhoana through this transition.
“I am so excited to serve the students of Lakehill in a different capacity and I feel honored to lead a department of coaches that have such passion for their sport,” said Coach Cayme-Mosley. “It is an exciting time for Warrior Athletics and it is going to be a great year!”
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