Jacqui Nickell
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Earlier this month, Mr. Brad Grist, Chairman of the Board of Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce (GEDCC), delivered a Lifetime Member award to Mr. Roger L. Perry.

This award is presented to individuals who have exhibited exemplary service to the East Dallas Chamber and to the East Dallas community. Mr. Perry was the first Chairman of the Board of Directors of the GEDCC to serve three consecutive years in that position. He held the title from 2011-2013 showing great dedication to serve the community of East Dallas.

The GEDCC Board of Directors voted unanimously to bestow this honor on Mr. Perry. This award is not presented yearly, in fact, Mr. Grist has served on the Board of Directors for four years and this is the first recipient during his time. Mr. Grist emphasized in his letter that this award is for exemplary service.

Congratulations and thank you to Mr. Roger L. Perry for his dedication to East Dallas and the Lakehill community.

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