Jacqui Nickell
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The National Center for Women and Information Technology(NCWIT) is an organization for women in technology and every year they hold an award contest called Aspirations. The purpose is to inspire women to pursue careers in technology fields, increase the visibility of women in technology, and create networking opportunities for those women.
Lakehill senior Sarah Smith has applied the last three years receiving an Honorable Mention Award for the Dallas/Fort Worth Affiliate each year. In order to receive the award, she submitted an essay about her current involvement with computing and her future goals in the field.
Sarah wrote about the plethora of Computer Science courses she has taken here at Lakehill, including a self-study course in Artificial Intelligence. She also wrote about her leadership on the Lakehill Bionicles Robotics team. In addition, she laid out her future goals of double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. She also hopes to go on and specialize in artificial intelligence technologies. Sarah is drawn to the freedom and independence of a Computer Science career. She hopes that with the ability to work on a computer from anywhere she can be free to travel the world or even work from her own small farm.
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