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by: Tammara Shaw, Associate Director of Marketing and Community Relations


DALLAS, TX -- Due to popular demand, Lakehill has created a second robotics team for the 22-23 season, the Lakehill Mononicles! This is extremely exciting for our school because it directly reflects students' interest in STEM activities. Students participating in robotics have opportunities to work on engineering skills, computer programming, computer-aided design software, and even marketing!

The Lakehill Bionicles and the Lakehill Mononicles participated in their first scrimmage this past weekend at UME Prep. The Lakehill Mononicles and their robot, Onepu, placed 1st among the 17 teams participating, winning all 5 matches. The Lakehill Bionicles and their robot, Tamaru, placed 3rd, winning 3 out of 5 matches. 

In each match, the teams were randomly paired with an alliance partner to compete against two other teams. Tamaru and Onepu had to complete tasks such as autonomous movement, moving game pieces, and navigating between poles. The whole competition was a team effort. Throughout the day, team members drove the robot, adjusted code, made alliances with other teams, fixed robot parts that broke, and spoke to other teams about their experience.

Thank you to all of the teachers, mentors, sponsors, and outreach partners for helping this our first competition go successfully and smoothly. Both teams are excited about future competitions! 

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