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by: Jacqui Nickell, Director of Marketing and Community Relations

DALLAS, TX -- The Upper School Musical Theater students took the stage this fall to present Matilda in the Charles J. Wyly, Jr. Auditorium.

Matilda is a story of a little girl with astonishing wit and intelligence, who uses her psychokinetic powers to help her friends and her teacher. Matilda was played beautifully by Sarah Ganson. “Sarah is a naturally gifted young actress,” said Fine Arts Director Tom Parr. “Her ability to move, dance, and keep the audience riveted to the story is magical!”

Due to illness, school closures, and power outages over the course of the week, Friday evening’s performance was the very first run-through. The show went on without a hitch and the talented Musical Theater students were the reason why! Mr. Parr chose Matilda because he knew so many of the students would shine. Rory Bailey played Miss Honey, Sabina Chamoy knocked the Miss Trunchbull role out of the park, Aslyn Campbell shined in the role of Lavender, and Reese Armentrout played Bruce extremely well! Senior Stage Manager Anna Knickel was able to step onto the musical stage for the first time in her career and play the role of Miss Phelps. “There were so many small moments that were so much fun and so many students shined,” said Mr. Tom Parr with a huge grin.

Congratulations to the Fine Art students, Mr. Tom Parr, and Mr. Tracy Herron on a successful show!

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