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The 2022 Varsity football season was cut short with the last three games being canceled due to weather. "I have never been more proud of a team! Due to our smaller roster this season, the football players truly had to be Warriors in every way," said Head Coach Jairus Mitchell.

Five Warriors, including Austin Sanders, Kelvin Walker, Louis Descarpentries, Luke Widhalm, and Ian Johnston, had to grow leaps and bounds this season! Each one of them grew into an amazing leader on and off the field. Nicholas Meadows stepped up as a leader like never before. Despite only playing in three district games, Anthony McRae earned 2nd Team Spread Back and 2nd Team Linebacker. Austin Boothe earned 2nd Team Running Back. Max Byrd earned 2nd team Wide Receiver and Defensive Back. Newcomer Ethan Westerberg received an honorable mention for kicker.

"Big shout out to Ma'ki Shaw! Ma'ki was my only freshman player when I started and my only senior this season. I have watched him turn into a leader and I can't wait to see all that this young man has in store for his future."

Congratulations to the Warrior football team on their season!

Anthony McRae: 2nd Team Spread Back & 2nd Team Linebacker

Austin Boothe: 2nd Team Running Back

Max Byrd: 2nd team Wide Receiver and Defensive Back

Ethan Westerberg: Honorable Mention Kicker

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