Jacqui Nickell
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Adventure week is a long standing Lakehill tradition. Typically, students in grades five through eight take off across the state and country on a week long road trip right before spring break. In order to uphold the tradition, Head of Middle School, Kaye Hauschild, planned a week of fun for the staff and students in the Dallas area.
On Monday and Tuesday, students enjoyed a day at the Dallas Zoo or participating in many activities at the Roger L. Perry campus. Activities included fishing, volleyball, basketball, laser tag, flying kites, KanJam, chess, and much more!
“They had a lot of fun fishing with Coach Bracken. Sophia Marshall brought her own bait and caught several fish. Ms. Kufel caught the most out of all the staff that attended,” Ms. Hauschild said while laughing. “I think the week really turned out to be exactly what we wanted, a way for our middle school students to be together, socialize, and just have fun.”
On Wednesday, all four grades were at the Roger L. Perry Campus. Coach Mitchell had a kickball tournament going, Ms. Tan learned to fly a kite for the first time, and Coach Neyland dominated the laser tag area set up on the football field. There was a taco and churro truck that arrived for lunch time and the snack table was never left empty.
A special thanks to Ms. Kaye Hauschild and all the Middle School faculty for making Adventure Week 2021 a success.
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