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Mu Alpha Theta (Mathematics), Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Spanish), Société Honoraire de Français (French), Rho Kappa (Social Studies), Science National Honor Society, National Honor Society, and National Junior Honor Society, Lakehill's student honor societies, held their induction ceremonies on April 24, in Lakehill's Charles Wyly Auditorium. These groups welcomed 60 inductees into their illustrious ranks. The ceremony was led by faculty members Bradley Neyland, Mitch Musselman, Michael Jones, Joan Mayo, Kristin Rutherford, and Justin Solonick along with administration members Ms. Patti Frullo and Mr. Roger L Perry.
Membership in Mu Alpha Theta at Lakehill is reserved for juniors and seniors who have maintained a 3.5 average or better in all math classes. Spanish and French honorees must complete at least three years of the language and maintain an average of 3.5 or higher. Rho Kappa honorees must have completed four semesters of Social Studies, maintain a 3.5 overall G.P.A. and a 3.5 in all high school Social Studies classes. 
Membership in the Science National Honor Society is awarded to juniors and seniors who have maintained a 3.5 in all coursework, have taken or are enrolled in at least one Honors or AP Science class (juniors) or one Honors course and one AP course or two AP courses (seniors), and maintain a 3.5 average in all science courses. Members of these highly regarded organizations wear honor cords at graduation. 
Mu Alpha Theta (Mathematics) honorees were Sumner Born, James Freeman, Sophia Ganson, Megan Gillman, Zak Goldstein, Page Howland, Jaden Lambert, William Leake, Harrison Linder, Max Link, Cullen McCaleb, Spencer Neill, Leo Paparoni, Blake Perry, Sydney Rutherford, Abby Saldivar, Georgina Stephens, Laurel Way, Raymond Xiao, and Hayden Yoss.
This year's Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica inductees were Cade Armstrong, Emerson Danamraj, Sophia Ganson, Nathan Lewis, Matthew McCall, Ender Trout, and Raymond Xiao.
Rho Kappa (Social Studies) inductees were Maya Ariss, Josh Aron, Ashton Abbott-Sharifi, Sumner Born, Landon Burt, Mitchell Crow, Madison Deason, James Freeman, Megan Gillman, Will Gorman, 
Harrison Linder, Cullen McCaleb, Spencer Neill, Leo Paparoni, Blake Perry, Sydney Rutherford, Abby Saldivar, Johnny Tiernan, Graysen Walker, Laurel Way, Brooklyn Williams, and Luke WIlliams.
The Science National Honor Society inductees were Sumner Born, Megan Gillman, Page Howland, Cullen McCaleb, Spencer Neill, Leo Paparoni, Blake Perry, Sydney Rutherford, Georgina Stephens, and Laurel Way.
Société Honoraire de Français (French) inductees were Asher Chamoy, Keegan Clendenin, William Leake, Kathryn Mahan, Sarah Smith, and Georgina Stephens.
The National Junior Honor Society inductees were Emma Bassman, Clio Byrd, Rowan Clendenin, Max Crist, Emily Deason, Cece Degeyter, Jason Dickerson, Delilah Dinaburg, Taylor Donahue, Elisa Haden, Gray Henegar, Ian Johnston, Madeline Jones, Leonie Khan, Andrew Knipp, Noah Kurian, Miyu Nagamo, Evan-Claire New, Mason Pedroza, Grafton Robinson, Saul Rosen, Sierra Salazar, Luke Widhalm, and RJ Yttredahl.
National Honor Society inductees were Ashton Abbott-Sharifi, Maya Ariss, Millie Castoldi, Mitchell Crow, Madison Deason, Anna Knickel, Ellis Meyer, Avery Owen, Hannah Reister, Katie Rich, Kayla Ristianto, Samuel Rosen, Kat Seale, Ma’Ki Shaw, and Hayden Yoss.
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