Jacqui Nickell
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Asher Chamoy was beaming with pride while describing his audition for Washington’s Armor, a TV series that will be released sometime in 2022. “Thanks to four years of French classes at Lakehill, I was cast for a character in Washington’s Armor and am able to speak my lines in French,” said Asher. “I am currently taking French IV, so this was a really fun opportunity to speak the language I have been learning.”
Washington’s Armor is about George Washington prior to the American Revolution and is set during the French and Indian War. The filming is currently taking place in Weatherford, Texas. “Call time was 7:30 in the morning,” said Asher. “We filmed for about seven hours in one day.” He went on to describe the old shoes he wore and the really neat outfit. He smiled when describing how he did the same motions over and over for the many different camera angles. “It was definitely a learning experience. I learned about camera angles, lighting, and different terms used in the film business.”
Asher is a senior at Lakehill and plans to attend Harvard University in the fall of 2021. He will study history, music, and theater while acting on the side.
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