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Last November, four Lakehill singers participated in and recorded auditions for the Texas Private School Music Educators Association (TPSMEA) All-State Choir. Over 800 students from more than 90 of the top private schools throughout the state of Texas entered the competition by submitting a recording. Being selected for the TPSMEA All-State Choir is the highest honor a Texas private school vocal music student can receive. There are two rounds of judging, the first of which is the All-Region choir.
This past weekend, three Lakehill singers were a part of the TPSMEA Region One Choir workshop and concert. They are Sarah Ganson (‘24), Sophia Ganson (‘21), and Keegan Clendenin (‘21). Keegan was selected for the All-State Choir while Sarah and Sophia were selected to the All-Region Choir. TPSMEA decided to hold a Region event to celebrate the accomplishments of these students. The two day event was held at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano and about ninety students participated. The large sanctuary allowed for the choir to be spaced out properly and for the students to present a thirty minute concert. “It was so rewarding to hear live choral music,” said Choir Director Tracy Herron. “The sanctuary seats 7,000 people, so everyone was safe and able to enjoy the thirty minute presentation.”
Congratulations to Sarah, Sophia, and Keegan!
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