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Every year, the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, join forces with an additional 12 organizations and a general evaluation commission of experts from more than 180 academic societies to sponsor the Shanghai Adolescents' Science and Technology Innovation Contest.

More than 100,000 students from Shanghai submit their projects with the hope of being selected for the contest. The contest provides young people throughout the country an opportunity to compete in the fields of natural sciences and engineering, and to exhibit their research projects to the public.

This year, Lakehill junior George Cheng, working with a team of four graduate students and a professor from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, developed an app for a mobile platform that controls household appliances, such as lamps, televisions, and the refrigerator. When consumers use the app to turn on an appliance, they can also see how much energy they are using and receive recommendations for energy savings.  

Cheng, who was the team member responsible for the programming of the app as well the presentation, used a combination of Java and Python to program the app, which runs on ZigBee, a wireless network most often used in home automation and industrial settings.  

Cheng placed second overall and received four different awards in the competition from various companies and universities who were interested in his product. 

He says he will continue to work on his program to improve it, and has already been invited to take part in several other competitions.

Cheng plans to study computer engineering and mathematics at a U.S. university when he graduates next year.


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