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Every year, the staff at Lakehill Preparatory School dream up camps that make me wish I were a kid again! I get so many calls and emails from parents asking about summer camps. They are amazed that we don't just offer academic prep camps, but instead emphasize camps that are just a little different, a little outside the box.

Last year's Legendary Latin America camp has returned this year, this time for a younger crowd beginning with rising first graders. The sounds, flavors, and stories make me believe I'm sitting around a campfire in the jungle, or maybe high up on a mountain, hearing ancient tales of heroism and magic. 
Christmas in July camp lets campers find shelter from the sweltering sun as they pine for cooler weather while crafting ornaments, wreaths, and other keepsakes. I know I'm always busy, busy, busy during the months leading up to the winter holidays. What a great idea to turn the summer doldrums into an opportunity to get a jump start on the holidays!
Tweens and teens can't get enough of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical problem solving, and Science Olympiad will deliver more STEM adventures than you can launch a rocket at! With an emphasis on hands-on problem solving, this camp will keep your child wondering and thinking!
Culinary curiosity leads to new flavor discoveries to share with family and friends. Tasty Tapas and Treats camp explores the sweet and the savory  finger foods of Spain to bring all the senses on an adventure of learning and deliciousness. Campers will make treats while learning about their cultural significance, and will even be able to take samples home to share with the family!
Sadly, none of these camps are available to curious-minded adults. You'll just have to enroll your children and let them share their adventures and discoveries with you after camp each day!
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By John Trout
Director, Lakehill Summer Camps
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