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Audiences took delight in the Upper School Drama Department's performance of Kate Hamill's adaptation of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, which lit up the Lakehill stage under the skilled direction of Mark Guerra. 

Sense and Sensibility is a social comedy of manners, giving us a glimpse into 18th century social circles. The story follows 
An elegant and poised Waggonner was gracious, restrained, and noble in her suffering as Elinor. Milatello gave a glowing performance as Marianne, spontaneous and emotional, flinging herself into everything from reciting Shakespeare to romance.
Noah Bernstein was a charming scoundrel as Marianne's love interest, John Willoughby. Elinor's affections lie with Edward Ferrars (made delightfully awkward byCharlie Pippen), a dear family friend whose choice of a bride lays firmly in the iron fist of his rich, elderly relative. Warren Lester and Tillie McCoskey were over-the-top sensational as Sir John Middleton and Mrs. Jennings.
Macy EllisDylan WelchElizabeth BlanchardBraden BurtElizabeth Motes,Thea GillilandAlanna SternKira WillisJustin ReedKumail ImamGeorge ChengJohn Hirata, and Anna Somodevilla rounded out the ensemble.

"Working on this show was a challenge because the subject matter is of very mature nature, but I was impressed with how the actors were able to embody these wonderful characters and really tell the story that Jane Austen gave us," said Guerra.
For a play about behaving yourself and practicing decorum, Sense and Sensibility was filled with unrestrained freshness and life. 
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