Gigi Ekstrom
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Lakehill is not afraid to confront uncomfortable subjects such as racism and the Holocaust in its curriculum. The Lakehill community is lucky. Very few of have had to encounter the segregation, discrimination, and religious persecution that is discussed in the classroom. However, these are not abstracts confined to textbooks. 
At an assembly for students in sixth through twelfth grade, Max Glauben, a Holocaust survivor, shared his testimony about actions which we consider impossible, yet are, indeed, possible. For almost an hour, Glauben shared his experiences between the ages of 11, when the Nazis invaded his homeland, Poland, and 15, when American troops liberated  him and others during a death march to Dachau. His story provided his audience with a powerful example of the indomitable human spirit and the will to survive.

Glauben has been sharing his story with audiences for more than 30 years, representing not only himself, but also the more than one million Jewish children who perished during the Holocaust. He left his Lakehill audience with three pieces of advice: 1) to never, never, never give up; 2) to remember that your brain is the most important computer you have; and 3) to speak out against injustice and not be a bystander.
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