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Kids love summer, and why wouldn't they? Vacations, fun in the sun, and the best part (if you're a kid) no school! Parents and teachers know, though, that summer can also mean "brain drain," and it feels like kids forget half of what they learned in the past year! What's a parent to do?

The secret to keeping those brain cells is to keep kids learning, but that doesn't have to mean endless drills and remediation.  Learning a new craft or game, telling or creating stories, solving puzzles, and exploring the world around us keeps kids' brains active and growing.  And, nothing flexes mental muscles better than trying something completely new. 
Summer camps are a great place to do all of these things! Camps like Lakehill's "Strung Together" and "Simply Stitchery" camp introduce campers to crochet and string arts. "Is it Art or Is It Science?" invites campers to use critical thinking to interpret novel situations. "World Building 101" takes a scientific look at planet and solar system formation to imagine realistic science fiction and fantasy worlds. Camps like these will have kids learning all summer long, even when they think they're just having fun.
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