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The Upper School Retreat rewards Lakehill’s Upper School students for their late nights and busy days with an entire school day’s worth of outdoor activities at Southern Cross Ranch. I’ve gone there all four years of Upper School, and it is a fun and exciting way to de-stress after the transition from summer schedule to school schedule.
While we are at the retreat, we have the freedom to roam about, watching the girls coach the guys on the volleyball court or lounging in one of the hammocks.
Every year, the highlight of my day at Southern Cross is not the paddleboats or the petting zoo. It is always the dozens of frogs that hop around the bank of the pond right in the center of the compound. It is incredible to walk along the side of the water and see what look like little blobs of living mud hop around your feet.
It is sad knowing that I won’t be going back next year to see another powder puff game or eat another bag of the amazing buttery popcorn they have ready. Nevertheless, I’m thankful that my school gave me the chance to spend quality time away from the chaos of daily life with the people I love in a place where I have made wonderful memories.
By Shelby Britton, '18
Marketing Intern, Lakehill Preparatory School
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