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After years of planning and 15 months of construction, Lakehill opened the doors to its newly enhanced campus during a Ribbon-cutting Ceremony on August 29.
Hundreds of donors, board members, parents, neighbors, and community leaders joined the entire Lakehill faculty and students for the Ceremony. After a welcome from Headmaster Roger Perry, Board Chair Colleen McCall addressed the audience: "We have created new and larger classrooms for Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School. We have new art space that takes advantage of massive windows that allow in natural light so our talented students can continue to create award-winning art. We created new computer and writing lab space, expanded the library, and added common space for all to use."  
In his remarks to the crowd, Dallas District 9 City Councilman Mark Clayton said he was thankful for the important role which Lakehill plays in the community, and how impressed he is every time he meets a Lakehill student or graduate. "Every Lakehill student is better for their experience here." Board members Matthew Trent and Rick Currey, who were instrumental in the project from design to completion, as well as members of the Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce, also participated in the Ceremony.
"I hope that for all of you," said McCall, "this expansion is not a culmination of Lakehill’s success, but merely a physical manifestation of what we have all known for so long – Lakehill is a gem to be treasured by all who find it. I am so thrilled for my children, for your children, and for you – faculty and students - to be able to enjoy this beautiful new building."
“We appreciate the donors, board members, community leaders, neighbors, and all the members of our Lakehill family who worked together to make this dream a reality,” said Perry.
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