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Lakehill Preparatory School is hosting an Admission Coffee and Conversation for parents of children entering kindergarten through second grade on Tuesday, February 23, at 8:30 a.m. To reserve a space at the coffee or to schedule a tour for other grades, please contact Lisa Bracken, Director of Admission, at 214.826.2931 or email

Established in 1971, Lakehill Preparatory School is an academic community dedicated to the whole student. Lakehill combines a robust, college preparatory curriculum with opportunities for personal growth, individual enrichment, and community engagement.

Small class sizes ensure a supportive learning environment and personal attention. Students at Lakehill have all of the opportunities available in a much larger school, but are able to thrive in a supportive setting where they can concentrate on learning. Students benefit from a rigorous academic environment, while being supported by the strong sense of family, community, and spirit that Lakehill provides. As a result, this small school feels very much like a big family.

Lakehill’s tradition of excellence is not confined solely to the classroom. In keeping with Lakehill’s desire to develop well-rounded citizens, students are encouraged to take advantage of a wide variety of extracurricular offerings. Through participation in a myriad of clubs, student organizations, honor societies, athletics, and community service projects, opportunities for assuming leadership roles abound.

Lakehill students all go on to pursue education at a higher level, and are accepted into Ivy League schools, top research universities, liberal arts colleges, renowned art institutions, and international universities. What is most important, however, is the process of pairing the student with the right school. Through an extremely successful college counseling program, Lakehill works together with every family, discussing each student’s dreams, abilities, needs, and interests when choosing a school.

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