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Fourth graders explore the OmniGlobe.
Lakehill received an out-of-this-world delivery on October 26. An OmniGlobe was installed in Dr. Martina Kroll's classroom in the Upper School science wing. Kids and adults love to engage with this mesmerizing spherical display.
Kroll has especially made use of this wonder in her geology class, utilizing its features to showcase how tectonic plates play a role in the formation of earthquakes and volcanoes. The OmniGlobe offers a new perspective for the students. "The 3-D aspect allows the students to really engage in what they are learning," says Kroll. "They gain a better understanding of global aspects such as ocean currents, weather patterns, and even the light cycle.
Kroll's classes are not the only ones getting to use this exciting new technology. Students of all ages are getting a chance to interact with the attraction. "This has been a fascinating addition to our studies," said Middle School geography teacher Patty Pippen. "We have looked at weather patterns and observed how pollution affects the entire globe. Perhaps the most interesting was following the course of a tsunami in the Indian Ocean--starting with the earthquake to the ripples of waves across the globe. You just can't see that on a map; but on a 3-D globe, you can see it all." 

John Trout spent time with fourth graders exploring the content of the 36-inch, 3-D sphere. The map of human suffering sparked much conversation. "I learned how lucky we really are," explained fourth grader Zoe Crist. "Even the worst-off in our country have it so much better than so many others in the world." Fourth grader Olivia Johnston agreed. "When you compare the entire world all at once, you really see the differences in what we have."
The OmniGlobe contains approximately 200 animations and models that demonstrate certain aspects of tens of thousands of years of environmental history, including the cycle of Pangea forming present day earth. 

The OmniGlobe is on loan from Earth Day Texas through November 13. Lakehill has partnered with Earth Day Texas for the past four years and will exhibit at this year's event on April 22-24.


By Afton Guedea
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