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Ayana Heard and Beau Bunger catch up at the Alumni Reunion.
Lakehill Preparatory School's college-aged alumni joined students and faculty at the basketball games on January 5 for a special "Home for the Holidays" celebration in their honor. 
"It's always fun to have our graduates return to campus," explained Ray Dent, Director of Development and Alumni Relations. "The Home for the Holidays basketball game is a great event to bring Alumni together with their Lakehill family and with each other. It has become another Warrior tradition!" 
"In today's world we must determine the success or failure of virtually everything a school does. You want a good measure of Lakehill's success? Just count the number of smiles and hugs exchanged when our alums come to this event--not to mention the number of success stories we hear from our alumni every day!"
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