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On March 23, Visual Arts Chair Scott Boles took 20 selected works of art created by Lakehill art students in his drawing, painting, and sculpture classes and Cat Huitt's ceramics, weaving, and printmaking classes to Waco, Texas for the 2015 TAPPS State Art Championship competition. Competing against 31 other 2A schools from the state of Texas, five Lakehill students placed high enough to accumulate 57 points and claim the coveted State Championship title for Lakehill. 

In the competitive category of Drawing with 59 entries, Sophia Liu took second place. Chase Prokop finished in seventh place and Sunny Fang claimed eighth place.


Liu claimed awards in five additional events: second and third in Drawing out of 55 entries, second and sixth in Painting with 57 entries, and second in Sculpture with 38 entries. 


Lakehill claimed two winners in the Fashion/Jewelry/Textile/Applied Design category. Kaeli Bunger took second and Steven Murff took fourth with their woven yarn rope baskets.
"We have had many state champions in individual categories, but never as a school," said Boles. "Since we have added more Upper School art electives, like weaving taught by Ms. Huitt, we can enter more categories in the state competition. Entering more categories made us more competitive, resulting in our first state championship."
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