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For the first time in Lakehill history, two fifth grade students remained on stage for the final round of Lakehill's Spelling Bee on January 9.  
After many rounds of competition, Abby Dondis edged out Sarah Ganson, to be declared Lakehill's Spelling Bee Champion. Eighth grade student Christian Barefoot took third place in the competition.

Last year's champion, Mara Sandberg, was the last seventh grader standing, while Harper Kuhn and James McKinney were the last fourth and sixth graders, respectively. 
Each year, students from across the country compete for the chance to represent their schools and communities in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Dondis will compete in the next round on February 14 against winners from other private schools. As runner-up, Sophia will also be recognized at the event.

"The spelling bee is always full of unexpected drama and excitement, especially when it is down to the final three or four contestants," said coordinator Julie Riggs. "I like to watch the gears turning when kids are figuring out the logic of an unfamiliar word. It is as much about thinking on one's feet as about knowing a pre-assigned list of words."

Are you a spectacular speller? Just for fun, take a look at past National Spelling Bee Champions and Their Winning Words . 
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