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First grade students try coding on the iPads.
Computer science drives innovation throughout the U.S. economy, but it remains marginalized throughout K-12 education. While nine out of 10 parents want their child to study computer science, only one in four schools offer computer programming. 
Although Lakehill Preparatory School already offers a comprehensive computer science program, students of all ages joined in the fun and participated in this week's Hour of Code. Students in kindergarten through grade two used the iPads provided by Trek for Tech funds to explore coding apps, including Daisy the Dinosaur, Kodable, and Scratch, Jr. Students in grades 3 and 4 used resources on to create games, designs, and try out the basics of computer programming. "The ability to code is a key skill that today's students will need as they grow to be able to express themselves in the language of their times," said Lower School computer teacher (and recent Teacher of the Year honoree) Casey Pike.
Middle and Upper School Computer Science classes have been coding all year. Fifth graders continued their study of coding through, while Upper School students worked on a digital assistant project, learning how Siri works and how to code an app that acknowledges and answers questions.
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