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The Warrior Outreach Organization (WOO!), an Upper School organization dedicated to providing more service opportunities for students, is starting out strong in its second year. Members recently joined forces with Lakehill students of all grade levels and their families to support a new campus beautification initiative at Lakehill's Perry Campus. 
"WOO is our way to bring the school community together to help causes that are important to us," explained Student Council Vice-President Zain Iman
"It's nice to wake up on a Saturday morning and start the day by doing something positive," said Student Council President Brandon Douglas. The first event, a Campus Clean-Up at Lakehill's Environmental Science Center (ESC), attracted 30 eager students from across all grade levels and their families. "The project crossed all divisions and really brought the Lakehill community together," said Iman.
"It was really interesting to go back into the deep woods at the ESC," said sixth grade student Nico Montez. "I was suprised by how much trash was buried and can't believe the things we hauled out." In just two hours, volunteers removed 10 car tires, an old generator, and hundreds of pounds of scrap metal and trash from the wood surrounding the ESC.
The project was conceived by Daniel Bracken, Lakehill's Director of Environmental Education. "The kids were amazing and worked really hard. We have plans to build more hiking and nature trails at the ESC, and this paves the way for that project."
Bracken says the Campus Clean-Ups will continue, with one being held each quarter during the school year.
WOO followed-up with their second project of the year on October 17. Partnering with the City of Dallas, Upper School students helped with the city's graffiti abatement efforts. Volunteers painted over graffiti on a large private building in the Trinity Groves area of Dallas. 
Future events for WOO have already been planned with Community Partners of Dallas and the North Texas Food Bank.
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