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Upper School students begin work on the new Lakehill garden.
Lakehill Preparatory School recently received a $2,000 monetary grant from Whole Kid's Foundation's School Garden Program.
The Lakehill science department is already hard at work to complete the beginning stages of their plans. Under the direction of Upper School science teacher Jeremy Holman, Lakehill's Science Club and the AP Environmental Science class will create nearly 400 square feet of gardens this year with funds received from the grant.
As part of the environmental science curriculum, students will learn about soil biology and chemistry through hands-on observation and experimentation. They will till the ground and build the bed frames themselves, and will create an environmentally-friendly watering system using rain barrels and soaker hoses. Students will also learn how to control pests using natural methods instead of relying on harmful synthetic chemicals. 
"With this grant, we are hoping to grow enough food to donate fresh veggies and herbs to our cafeteria and our neighborhood food bank," explained Holman. "Additionally, we'd like to get students in the Lower School involved by letting them plant and harvest their choice of vegetables or flowers this spring."
Students will showcase the garden at Earth Day Texas, the world's largest Earth Day event. Earth Day Texas will be held April 22-24, 2016 at Fair Park in Dallas.

"It is so inspiring to see the diversity and creativity in the types of gardens that will be planted across the country and the interaction between the students and their communities," said Nona Evans, executive director of the Whole Kids Foundation. 

In addition to funding, Lakehill will receive a package of garden starter items, including seeds and information on resources and how to build and sustain gardens to ensure long-term success.
By Afton Guedea, Marketing Intern, Class of 2016
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