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The long, lazy days of summer. Kids look forward to a break from their studies, while parents worry that all that “doing nothing” will wreak havoc on their performance when school resumes in the fall.

Learning shouldn’t stop during the summer months. Luckily, it doesn’t have to, as parents have a wide variety of options to help their children have fun while they learn, all summer long. Whatever a child’s interests and abilities, parents can find a summer camp to fit his or her needs.

Many parents turn to science-based camps when making their summer selections. Science camps can introduce children to a world of discovery while sparking their imaginations.

In an age when science is as vital as reading, writing, and arithmetic, science camps help develop a vital skill.

“Science allows us to make simple, truthful observations that can lead us to a better understanding of the world,” explains Melissa Carpenter, Director of Environmental Education at Lakehill Preparatory School. “The study of nature gives students practical and helpful knowledge as they make their way through the world. We are never helpless if we know something about science and how to investigate for the truth, whether it is in a laboratory or in nature.”

Lakehill Preparatory School is offering more than a dozen selections in science-based camps this summer. The camps are designed to give children of all ages the opportunity to explore and discover the mysteries of science through hands-on interactive experiments and adventures. The names of Lakehill’s camps alone invite discovery and imagination: Candy Science, Rockin’ Rockets, and Terrific Trees and Dynamic Dirt.

The curriculum is engaging, allowing campers to experience how science works in the real world. Who wouldn’t want to test the speed of their own wind-powered car, see how high they could launch a rocket, or conduct fascinating experiments with their leftover Halloween candy?

About Lakehill Summer Camps

Lakehill Summer Camps are unique in offering quality, teacher-led camps at an affordable price, with free before-camp and after-camp care available every day.

Lakehill Summer Camps offer programs for boys and girls entering kindergarten through grade 12, with weekly sessions beginning June 9 and ending August 8, 2014.

In addition to science camps, Lakehill offers a variety of camps in LEGO, Minecraft, visual and performing arts, crafting and building, film making, and more.

There are a variety of sports camps, including cheerleading, tennis, disc golf, soccer, and basketball.

Young minds can stay sharp over the summer with fun camps in reading, writing, mathematics, and technology, or get a leg up preparing for kindergarten, fourth grade, or Middle School.

Altruistic campers can spend a week volunteering in the Community Connections Camp. With 85 different camps available, there truly is something for everyone.

Camps are $220 per week for a half-day session, and $295 per week for a full-day session. Free before-camp and after-camp care is available.

Camps will be offered at both the main campus and at the Alice and Erle Nye Family Environmental Science Center. Online registration is now open and programs are filling fast. More information and easy online registration is available at

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