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Although the Texas heat hasn't been as bad as it has been in previous summers, it still requires some ‘getting use to.’ Fortunately, there are 8 great frozen eateries around Dallas, be they one-location havens or chains scattered about the metroplex, all offering you a chance to cool down!*

Pacuigo represents the Starbucks of ice cream… gelato, excuse me. The Pacuigo chain was born right here in Dallas, soon spreading to multiple locations across the nation. They feature a wide array of flavors named in hard-to-pronounce Italian. Despite the language barrier, the flavors are so powerful, they occasionally make you crave more. 

Steel City Pops
Steel City Pops is a newcomer to town in the grand scheme of frozen snacks. Nonetheless, it stands proudly on Lower Greenville as one of the most happening daytime places on the avenue. All of their popsicles, whether they are fruity or creamy, are prepared each day in-store. Like Krsipy Kreme, Steel City Pops has a viewing area where you can watch the employees prepare the popsicles. 

TCBY- The Country’s Best Yogurt
Emerging from the Arkansas landscape in the early 1980s, TCBY has grown to an international scale from Central America to Pakistan and Qatar. Starting in 2011, TCBY locations nationally began offering ‘Super Fro-Yo,’ or frozen yogurt with specific nutritional values to help people on their quest for eating healthier. All across the world, TCBY continues to offer quality frozen yogurt at low prices, making for a great cool-down food, and occasionally a meal here and there. 

Wild About Harry’s
Wild About Harry’s is a longtime favorite serving you hotdogs and frozen custard since as long as Harry himself can remember! Wild About Harry’s makes for a great lunch, snack, dinner, or dessert stop in Knox-Henderson with its delicious hotdogs and flavorful frozen custard. You sure can’t miss it with a giant hot dog statue beckoning you in the door! 

Crazy Fish Food Truck
Don’t be fooled by its name. This one is by far the most unique pairing of food items: sushi and snow cones. The Crazy Fish food truck is one of the many food trucks that line the southern side of Klyde Warren Park. Unlike some of the trucks which mainly stay for the lunch rush, Crazy Fish remains on site the entire day, providing you with a snow cone 24/7, or the park’s hours for that matter. Not only are their snow cones delicious, they come in pretty decent sizes for little money. 

Pokey O’s
Any SMU student will tell you that the best sandwich play close to campus is Pokey O’s. Well, to be honest, this isn't any Subway or Panera. Instead, Pokey O’s sells ice cream sandwiches, with cookies serving as the buns, if that’s what you desire. You decide upon the ice-cream flavor and the cookie type to create your own, perfect sandwich. Like Paciugo, Pokey O’s is a Dallas-bred business that has brought smiles and joy to all of its clientele. 

Baskin Robbins
The original 31 favorites has so far expanded to more than 1,000 flavors, offering its costumers a decent amount of choice. They are a family-friendly eatery that offers flavors from A to Z. They sell ice cream, frozen yogurt, sundaes, cakes and shakes. Baskin Robbins is very good if you enjoy the classic waffle cone with two scoops of ice cream. 

Sprinkles Ice Cream
An offspring of Sprinkles Cupcakes, Sprinkles Ice Cream bears the same delicious goodness but with an added bonus, cupcake and ice cream sandwich. Similar to Pokey O’s which uses cookies as sandwich buns, Sprinkles Ice Cream uses cupcake tops to enshroud the frozen substance with extra deliciousness for your tastebuds. 

*These sweet treat places are not ranked.

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