With you in mind, Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake is excited to announce the launch of a new website dedicated to women’s health.

They say knowledge is power. At, we lay it all out for you. There is information on all of the services, procedures and common women’s conditions for you to understand and to absorb. Wondering what “nissen funduplication” is? The information is right there on the website waiting for you.

Looking to find a physician that is skilled in a specific area? Send an inquiry with the “Find a Physician” form on the website. Wondering about that new robotic-assisted surgery? Check out all the details on this technology on our site.

And just to show how committed we are to providing you with the knowledge you need to live a healthy and long life, we are giving you a free booklet to download: “A Woman’s Guide — Caring for Yourself.” Click here for the free Guide.

Check out this fresh, new website right now and get some tips for staying healthy and active from people who are dedicated to the best in women’s healthcare.

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