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If you have ever made a decision to get your life under control by pursuing a weight loss goal, you know the roadblocks that are often encountered. As you begin to work toward weight loss, you may begin to realize that it requires a lot of organization.

Knowing how much you are eating, knowing how many calories, proteins or carbs you are consuming, tracking how much weight you are losing, and logging in hours of exercise–all of these factors contribute to achieving a long-term weight loss goal that lasts.

You may be feeling overwhelmed. So, what is the best way to manage your weight loss? And how can you ever hope to keep track of your weight loss goals? With Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake’s My New Beginning free weight loss app, tracking and managing your weight loss is now at your fingertips.

My New Beginning weight loss app, specially designed for people who are trying to lose weight, has features that are helpful both to people losing weight through weight loss surgery or by diet control and exercise.

Our app has been reviewed by healthcare professionals to ensure that it includes relevant features that are designed to help you manage your weight loss like a pro. My New Beginning weight loss app is convenient and easy to use, offering many helpful functions including:

  • Nutrition tracker - a simple way to track your intake of calories, carbs, proteins, fats and water.
  • Barcode scanner - allows you to scan barcodes on the foods you purchase, viewing their nutritional info on-the-go. You can even log it onto your online food journal right away.
  • Weight loss tracker - lets you log your weight loss daily so you can keep track of your progress easily.
  • Photo features - lets you photograph your progress and show off your new body as you meet each goal.
  • Recipes - offers fresh, healthy recipes packed with flavor to keep your menus fresh and tasty.

Serious weight loss takes serious commitment, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and easy to manage. My New Beginning weight loss app has been carefully engineered to make your path towards weight loss a little more simple and organized. Download it today by clicking here

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