You may have to wait in line at the grocery store, bank, movie theater or airport security. But you don’t have to wait in the emergency room (ER) at Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake when you use InQuicker, an online service that lets you hold your place at the ER online while waiting in the comfort of home.

The service is designed to help patients save time, avoid hassle, and make it more convenient when they come to the ER. Users also enjoy the convenience of choosing where they wait and a projected time to see a health care professional in the ER. Patients can hold their place online by completing an online form and arriving at the hospital at the projected time.

InQuicker is intended only for individuals who have non-life threatening medical conditions. The service does not affect the wait times of other emergency room patients, nor does it allow certain people to “cut” in front of others. Additionally, if the projected treatment time changes due to an influx of patients requiring priority treatment, the user will be notified and given an alternate time.

InQuicker has designed safeguards in its system intended to prevent those who have potentially life-threatening medical conditions from using the service. Individuals requiring prompt medical treatment should go immediately to the nearest emergency department or call 9-1-1. If you do have to go the ER, be prepared. Bring a list of current medications, including how long the medicine has been taken and how often. Include a list of allergies as well as a medical history form if you have one. If possible, call your primary care physician ahead of time so they can order lab work if needed or alert ER staff about your condition. For more information or to access the service, visit

Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake

9400 Poppy Drive
Dallas, TX 75218


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