The real dangers of Halloween are not from ghosts and goblins, but from falls and injuries that can steal the fun from what should be a memorable evening for children. Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake offers the following tips to help keep all the little wizards, pirates and princesses safe during the festivities.

Choose the right costume. Check to make certain the material is flame retardant and that your child’s vision won’t be obscured by any part of the costume. Make sure the costume isn’t too long to prevent tripping. If your child is wearing a hat, check to see that it won’t slip down over the eyes. Remember to add something reflective on your child’s clothing or have them carry a flashlight.

Stay together. Younger children should always have a responsible adult or older teenager with them while they trick or treat. A group of three or more is much safer than one. You may want to find an alternative to door-to-door trick or treating such as going to a mall or community event, or hosting a special Halloween party for your children and their friends.

Carve the pumpkin yourself. Children often want to help carve the jack-o-lantern, but little fingers and sharp objects don’t mix. Let your children draw the face on the pumpkin while you handle the carving. Your children may enjoy cleaning out the pumpkin and saving the seeds to bake for a snack.

Put safety first. Watch out for traffic, stay on the sidewalks and cross only at intersections. Only visit the houses of people you know and where an outside light is on. Check your child’s candy before they eat it. Throw away any open packages or homemade treats.

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