Going to the doctor for preventive care can help add years to your life. That is because many diseases may be prevented and treated when detected in the early stages. For example, the five-year relative survival rate for breast and prostate cancers is 100 percent when detected in the early stages.

A preventive checkup usually begins with the physician taking a medical history during which the patient can discuss new health concerns and give an update on any existing conditions. It is helpful to write down any questions that need to be addressed so nothing is forgotten. Lifestyle and habits also should be discussed, as well as all medications currently being taken, allergies, previous surgeries and vaccinations. The physical examination part of a checkup includes recording weight, cholesterol level, temperature, blood pressure and pulse. 

Depending on your age and sex, certain routine tests or procedures may be recommended, such as cholesterol, blood pressure or bone density tests, breast or prostate cancer screenings, and colorectal or pelvic exams. Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake is offering a free Women's Health Tests & Screenings slideguide that lists recommended health exams and preventive care tips for women. Call 866-764-3627 for your handy pocket guide today.

Patients should choose a doctor who addresses their health care needs and provides quality care. Other factors to consider include the physician’s office location and hours of service, insurance accepted, training and accreditation, languages spoken, privileges at hospital of choice, and overall approach to patient care. For more information about selecting a physician or for a free referral to an experienced physician on the medical staff at Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake, call 800-877-2525 or visit

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