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Omniplan the architectural firm that designed NorthPark, brought the same modern design with a creative flair to the playhouse they’re building for Dallas CASA as they did to the design of NorthPark. The house, called ArtHouse, was selected from an OMNIPLAN in-house design competition, with architects throughout the firm presenting their best ideas for playhouses. This year, the firm chose ArtHouse as the winning house.

Designed by architects and designers Sam Stribling, Selina Cinecio, David Brewerton and Paloma Rodriguez, the house is designed to be an engaging sculptural piece that encourages kids to use their imaginations. The designers started with the timeless planters at NorthPark, which have attracted generations of children to play on them.

The house features a base with three towers rising from it and opening to the sky, giving children the opportunity for physical and imaginary play through climbing, crawling and discovery. They also wanted the kids to have opportunities for expression and ownership so they incorporated a chalkboard wall and floor storage.

The architects challenged themselves to walk in children’s shoes as they designed the house, thinking about how children play and how big their worlds are. They also worked closely with Austin Commercial, who built the house, to make sure it was safe and sturdy.

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