When considering a remodel, many homeowners consult with an architect without understanding the difference and benefits of hiring a design-build firm. The architect/bid process has a designer on one side and a contractor on the other. The design-build process merges these two, providing a single-point of responsibility thereby reducing risks and overall project costs.

Understanding the difference between design-build and architect/bid process is essential in choosing the right firm for your job. From overall cost to the execution of the smallest details, the remodeling process can vary significantly when led by a design-build firm versus an architectural firm.

A design-build firm takes full lead on all aspects of supervision from the design to the execution keeping the construction cost low and within your budget. All material selections are included and priced in the design-build process, so there is no need to deal with selection of materials while the job is underway.

When a design error arises, typically an architect/bid firm requires the homeowner to pay the architect to draw revised plans and the contractor for the additional work. A design-build firm will take care of the error without charging you. Also a design-build firm will give you a schedule in writing to track when projects should be completed.

Plat research is thoroughly done by a design-build firm, unlike an architect/bid firm, which sometimes fails to properly research. After the design process is completed a design-build firm is ready to start construction. There is no wasted time on interviewing, hiring and managing construction teams, which adds time and frustration to the design process.

All details and specifications are given to you by a design-build firm, so you won’t be surprised with extra costs or compromises in the design. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing coordination can be a bit of a mess, but design-build firms create a cohesive team to ensure all systems work together. When it comes down to it, the design-build firms have the best understanding of your project before construction even starts.

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