The kitchen is the center of the home. It's no longer exclusively used for cooking and eating meals — instead, the kitchen is the gathering place, used to recap the day’s events, socialize with friends over a dinner party or prepare the big holiday meal for the entire family. 

With the kitchen becoming more than just the “food room,” many homeowners are transitioning the space to include technologies found in the rest of the home for entertainment and convenience.

“In the last couple of years, we’ve been asked to include technology in the kitchen that is normally reserved for the living room or home office,” said Chris Black, owner of CB Construction in Dallas.

According to Black, homeowners today are going beyond the small kitchen radio and are upgrading to high definition TVs and full sound systems.

“The kitchen has become a space for food prep and a media room all rolled into one,” Black said.

With the rise of smartphones, tablets and e-readers, homeowners are looking for a central location to charge their devices. Black said he’s seeing more wireless charging stations installed and spaces dedicated to this need. This especially comes in handy with more and more people turning to iPads or other apps for recipe ideas rather than traditional cookbooks.

He also noted that with bigger, more open homes, the kitchen often merges with the mudroom area. “The mudroom acts as a ‘catch all’ between the car and the kitchen, housing backpacks, purses and other daily essentials. It’s a great idea to have the mudroom as the technology hub of the home. Here, you can pick up your tablet off the charger, pack it up and walk out the door.”

In addition to charging stations and TVs, Black has noticed many new “futuristic” appliances out on the market. Imagine getting to the store and realizing you forgot your grocery list; this is no longer a problem with the introduction of refrigerators that scan your supplies and show you what’s in the fridge through its Internet connection. Black added that it’s important to consider future technologies when wiring your home because within the next several years, he’s expecting more and more household appliances to have the ability to go online.

If you’re interested in a remodeling project for your home, contact Chris Black of CB Construction at 214.773.5566. CB Construction serves the Dallas communities of Lower Greenville, Lakewood, Lake Highlands, White Rock Lake, University Park, Highland Park and surrounding areas.

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