Older homes are often purchased because they have good bones -- interesting nooks and crannies that tell of a time lost but not forgotten. Rooms with four walls and a door (or four) as opposed to large, open spaces are quintessential characteristics of older homes, as are the old telephone nooks often found in the hallways. Clearly defined kitchen spaces, breakfast spaces and dining rooms provide opportunities for intimate settings that the open spaces that incorporate the functionality of all three sometimes loose. 

When renovating an older home, preserving the character and charm of the original structure is of paramount importance, as it is the lovely bones of the home that most likely attracted the homeowner to it in the first place. Not all remodel and design companies are experts in the renovation of older homes and often overlook important details in preserving the home’s character. At CB Construction, we work exclusively in Dallas’ older neighborhoods -- the Park Cities, Lakewood and M Streets -- and, therefore, we understand the important nuances of renovating homes built in the early 20th century. We pay particular attention to the architectural details of the home and ensure the integrity of the architectural design remains intact throughout each stage of renovation. 

Preserving the character and charm of older homes while incorporating the necessities and luxuries consistent with modern living is a delicate balance. Hiring a remodel company that works exclusively in older and historic home renovations ensures the seamless marriage of past and present.
At CB Construction, we go the extra mile to ensure the lovely bones of our clients’ homes retain the character and charm of the original structure.

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