I love my job, because I get to help my clients make their dreams a reality. What a privilege. Whether the job is large or small, I enjoy the visualization process with my clients  just about  as much as the construction. In fact, sometimes it makes more sense not to remodel -- depending on how long you plan to stay in your house.  Other factors that may impact your plans include (but are not limited to) budget, the economy, home value, neighborhood home values, vision for the project, family size and space needs, lifestyle, practicality, lot size/issues, aesthetics, and feasibility -- just to name a few.

Thinking about your current situation, I'm wondering what is at the top of your wish list regarding your home--and why. Share your stories on my BubbleLife blog or on my Facebook page, and you just might be selected for a free consultation and preliminary recommendation.* Feel free to attach digital photos, too. Would you like:

  • A new kitchen?
  • A new deck and entertaining area?
  • To turn your garage into a room for an aging parent?
  • To add or expand a bathroom?
  • To finish out an attic?

Let me know.

Happy dreaming,


5711 Mercedes Avenue
Dallas, Texas  75206

*Detailed architectural drawings additional charge.

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