We frequently get calls from homebuyers asking us to provide remodeling proposals on homes before they buy. While we always appreciate the interest, we tell these homebuyers that there is a process to creating a proposal.

To give a true proposal on a remodel, a quick walk-through just isn’t enough. Proper planning is so important; a lot of homebuyers don't realize how much goes into a proposal — design, structural issues, building codes, site access, and product selection all have to be considered. That’s why these blind proposals are likely to miss important expenses, leading to budget issues down the road. Unfortunately, this road ultimately leads to unhappy homeowners.

We understand your desire to learn everything you can about your potential home prior to purchase. Buying a home is a huge undertaking. However, we also understand that if the remodeling scope varies greatly from the original proposal, you won’t be able to create an accurate budget for the cost of your renovations. In the long run, it’s a much more cost-effective and timesaving process to go through the steps of creating a proper proposal, which include design, material selection, accounting for any repairs, budgeting and scheduling. There are no shortcuts to a proper renovation project.

Consider these tips to getting the best proposal for your remodel:

Discover renovations you want to make.

Many homebuyers plan to remodel their new home immediately after they purchase. But, rather than planning for a full overhaul right off the bat, find a home you can live in as-is, then discover the things you want to change. This will allow for conscious planning, rather than instantly seeking changes that may not be needed in your brand new home.

Have an idea of what you want prior to seeking a proposal.

Do some research on materials and finishes to see what options are best for your family. For example, top-of-the-line appliances look nice, but you may be able to find a more durable alternative at a more affordable price that will leave room in your budget for that bigger project you want.

Work closely with your contractor.

Working alongside your contractor is the key to a successful remodel. Talk with your contractor about all of your wants and needs — even the smallest details — to ensure that your plan, your budget and your expectations are aligned.

At CB Construction, we use the design-build method, which allows us to work with homeowners from start to finish — from the proposal to the finished product — during the remodeling process.

First, we’re able to outline any issues with the home that need to be fixed and make sure an adequate amount of the budget is appropriated for repairs and/or necessary updates.

Next, we sit down and make a plan with homeowners, going over all aspects of the remodel, from layout changes to paint colors. Materials and finishes are selected, and a proposal is created.

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