The construction process can be stressful for homeowners living through a remodel, and those stressors can be exacerbated by a lack of communication between homeowners and their contractors.

That’s why Chris Black, owner of CB Construction in Dallas, operates under the design-build approach. The design-build method incorporates the tasks of designing and remodeling into one streamlined process, providing homeowners with one point of contact throughout the entire remodeling job. One central team is present until the project is completed, and communication between the team and the homeowners is consistent.

“Design-build, by nature, is a team approach geared toward a successful project,” Black said. “Finding a cohesive team — a team with good communication and shared trust between the homeowners and contractor — is the key to an effective remodel.”

Prior to construction, Black sits down with each client to learn expectations, develop a plan, set a budget, and most importantly, build a relationship centered on trust and communication. Proper communication is essential during the stress of a remodel and can reassure homeowners that their project is headed in the right direction.

Black offers some advice that will help homeowners get the most out of a renovation and make sure they are on the same page with their contractor. 

One thing he recommends is that clients always agree to a lump-sum contract rather than payment by time and materials. That way, clients know up front how much their remodel will cost, compared to a time and materials contract, where there is a lack of an upper limit on the budget. A flat rate gives clients peace of mind knowing that their budget is set, barring any unexpected issues, and that everything planned will be included in the renovation.

According to Black, it’s also important to find a company whose main priority is your satisfaction with the project’s outcome. “You want a team that sees your vision and is genuinely concerned with your satisfaction,” Black said. “The reason we are design-build is because without full plans and specifications, a ‘bid’ will not be accurate.”

If you’re considering a home construction project and are interested in learning more about the design-build method and its many advantages, call CB Construction at 214-773-5566. CB Construction serves the Dallas communities of Lower Greenville, Lakewood, Lake Highlands, White Rock Lake, University Park, Highland Park and surrounding areas.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email me.

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