How did your home hold up during the holidays? Could a home remodel make next year’s festivities even better?

Though we just wrapped up the 2012 holiday season, believe it or not, it may be time to start prepping your home for upcoming festivities.

While hosting holiday celebrations full of family, friends, food and gifts at your home, you may have noticed that your current home has a few shortfalls.

If a recent gathering made you consider a remodel, it’s time to start the construction process so your home will be ready for summer barbecues, fall events and even this year’s holiday parties.

Proper planning can ensure that you get everything you’re looking for in a remodel. Follow these tips:

Make a sketch of what you’re envisioning, even prior to calling an architect or contractor.
Your visions of a remodel or new addition may seem different when drawn out on paper. If you’re looking to alter the layout of your home, think about spacing and traffic flow throughout the home to be sure the layout makes sense. If things don’t match your vision, don’t worry. Your architect or contractor will work out the details of your design.

Write down your list of must-haves in a remodel.
Writing down your must-have items will ensure that you don’t miss out on anything that may have sparked your remodeling desires. For example, do you wish your current kitchen had a warming drawer? Make sure to list a warming drawer as a must-have for your new space. 

Plan for the future.
Do you plan to stay in your home for years to come? If you’re not sure, reconsider that new addition or the custom luxury master suite and opt for something more practical that will be appealing to buyers. Also, be sure that your remodel reflects the current neighborhood and that if you sell, you’ll get an appropriate return on investment.

If you’ve realized it’s time for a remodel or upgrade of your home, call CB Construction at 214-773-5566 for start-to-finish remodeling services. From beginning to end, we will set and stick to your budget, your expectations and your timeline.

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