When Lakewood homeowners Marion and Phil began their search for a contractor to remodel their kitchen, they weren’t originally sure what company to use.

By speaking with a few contractors, Marion learned that it seemed that many of them were only concerned with completing larger builds, rather than the smaller remodel needed in her home.

When their architect recommended CB Construction, Marion said soon after meeting with owner Chris Black, they knew they’d found a good fit for their remodel. “We estimated that he would be simpler [to work with] than the other contractors we spoke with,” she said.

She added that one thing especially stood out about Black. “He seemed very eager [for the job], confident and certain that it would be a timely project and would stick to the timeline he set,” she said.

When CB Construction presents a bid, Black uses an organized approach, factoring the cost and time required to complete the project and presenting it upfront to clients so there are no extreme surprises at the end of the job. 

According to Marion, Black followed through on his promises of time and expense.

After seeing CB Construction’s initial work on the kitchen remodel, Marion and Phil's project expanded to include a laundry room and a new playroom, totaling the renovation to about one-third of the family’s house.

Marion said that throughout the entire project, Black oversaw all work and did exactly what they wanted with the remodel. “He was great and we’d definitely recommend him. He was very conscientious throughout the process.”

Following the remodel, Marion said she and Phil were extremely pleased with their renovation, but were even more impressed with Black’s devotion to his work. “We were very happy with the results, but we were happiest with his commitment to the project.” 

If you’re interested in remodeling your home, call CB Construction at 214-773-5566 for start-to-finish remodeling services. From beginning to end, we will set and stick to your budget, your expectations and your timeline.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email me.

Chris Black

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