Working from home can be luxury – being able to schedule your own hours, working in the comfort of your home, no daily commute to and from an office. However, working from a home office isn’t always stress-free; one University Park dad thought working from home was more of a nuisance than a convenience.

Hugh Stevenson once hated to work from home. His children ran in and out of the small room that served as his home office, often when Stevenson, a portfolio manager for banking and financial services group UBS, was on the phone with clients. His dog did the same. This was not only distracting but a huge problem for business, not to mention the lack of space for Stevenson’s paperwork and files. Something needed to be done to keep both Stevenson’s sanity and business intact.

Stevenson's University Park home now boasts a professional, private home office, thanks to CB Construction Company, a full-service design-build remodeling firm that serves homeowners in Lakewood, Lake Highlands, Preston Hollow, the Park Cities and Dallas.

CB Construction's crew removed the existing roof to Stevenson's garage and built a second story in its place. This new space now houses Stevenson's secluded and quiet home office, a bathroom and a staircase, all in a spacious 800 square feet.

"I love my new office," Stevenson said. "I have privacy and I have space. The old mess that was my home office is gone. Even better, the project was completed on time and on budget."

During the project, CB Construction kept Stevenson updated on the job's progress through weekly meetings that highlighted the work the company had completed and the tasks that it had scheduled for the following week. This eased any stress that Stevenson might have felt during the construction process.

"They exceeded my expectations substantially," Stevenson said. "I always knew precisely what was going to happen and when. That has never happened with any other contractor that I've hired. Then, when the inevitable problems came up, they were proactive about resolving them."

Chris Black, founder and president of CB Construction, says that he and his staffers do everything they can to make the construction process -- always a difficult time for homeowners -- as stress-free as possible.

"It comes down to systems," Black said. "We rely on proven procedures to make sure we don't miss anything during the process and that our customers are always informed. We've honed these systems during the past 10 years to make sure that we handle every project in the most professional manner possible."

This includes reacting quickly when a challenge pops up during construction. City codes forced Stevenson to include fire sprinklers in his new attic, for example. CB Construction worked with installers, alarm companies and zoning officials to make sure that the sprinkler issue didn't knock the project off schedule.

"Changes and surprises are a normal part of our business," Black said. "We knew from past experience that we had to attack that issue right away and plan out the installation in parallel with our other activities.”

"I am so happy with the work that CB Construction did for me," Stevenson said. "I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

Call CB Construction Company today at 214-773-5566 to learn how to make your home renovations as stress-free and successful as possible.


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