Summer is a time for vacations, trips to the beach and backyard barbecues. For many homeowners, it's also a time for home renovations. Families that travel during the summer often find that it's far less stressful to have construction crews at their homes while they're enjoying the beach far away.

Even better is to come home to a beautiful and more energy efficient home. The remodelers at CB Construction recommend four renovation strategies to lower energy bills during the hottest months of the summer.

Contain cool air: Adding insulation is always a smart financial move. According to Energy Star, homeowners can save more than $200 a year in cooling and heating costs when skilled contractors add insulation to their homes – especially attics. “Attics are notorious for air leaks that can dramatically increase homeowners' energy bills and make the home uncomfortably hot,” notes Chris Black, founder and president of CB Construction.

Take the sizzle out of your roof: Surprisingly, your roof is the greatest source of heat inside your home during the summer months. “By adding reflective roof tiles, paints or PVC sheets, you can lower the heat of your roof,” said Black. “This is an especially cost-effective renovation that can drop your cooling bill dramatically.”

Seal your windows: Cool air easily escapes through windows that aren't properly insulated or sealed. Homeowners who replace old windows with energy efficient versions will be rewarded with lower cooling bills.

How far will those energy bills drop? “Every home is different, but we’ve seen homeowners increase energy efficiency by 20 percent or more – and that’s a savings to them every single year for as long as they live there,” added Black.

Spend time outside: If you are enjoying the outdoors, you use less air conditioning indoors. “New decks, patios, grills and screen porches not only add to the value, beauty and enjoyment of the house, they can also boost the odds that homeowners will spend more time outside,” said Black.

The good news is that homeowners can create an outdoor space that includes ceiling fans, TVs, shade, furniture and other features designed to make outdoor living as comfortable as spending time indoors.

Call CB Construction today to start planning your summer renovations.

“Lower energy bills are crucial in Texas with our blazing heat,” said Black. “It is not hard to do. The key is to work with a skilled contractor who understands your energy saving goal and who can guide you through the entire renovation process.”


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