You want to turn your 1970s kitchen into one with boasting modern appliances, granite countertops and cherry cabinets. Or, maybe you want to add that master bathroom with dual vanities and a soaking tub to your upstairs bedroom.

You’re worried about the costs of such a project spiraling out of control. You’ve heard the horror stories of busted budgets that so often come with home remodeling.

You can eliminate these concerns by taking the design-build approach to your remodeling project. Under this method, homeowners and contractors work as a team to finalize budgets and develop construction plans together. The goal is to complete projects both on time and on budget.

Chris Black, owner of Dallas’ CB Construction, a design-build remodeling firm, has long been a proponent of this method. It’s the best way to make sure that homeowners maintain control over the construction process, he said.

“A design-build firm like ours handles everything from start to finish,” Black said. “The architect and contractor work together to create construction plans that fit the mutually agreed upon budget. We also work together to create a project timeline so that homeowners know exactly how long their remodeling project will take. It’s a way to minimize the stress that normally goes into remodeling.”

In the traditional remodeling process, homeowners first meet with an architect who develops plans for their project. Homeowners send these plans out to contractors who bid on them.

This is when the problems start. Homeowners might be surprised at the size of these bids. They might discover that they can’t afford the renovations designed by their architect. To be able to have comparable numbers, they need to have the architect develop specifications and selections, otherwise the lack of information in a competitive bid situation will come back to bite them as these selections are made.

“And then they’re left with nothing after spending all that money working with an architect,” Black said. “The design-build process makes sure that this doesn’t happen.”

Under the design-build method, homeowners meet with a contractor who serves as the single point of contact during the construction process. After homeowners and the contractor finalize remodeling plans, budgets and timelines, the contractor brings in the architects, electricians, carpenters and other subcontractors needed to complete the job. The contractor also meets with local government officials to obtain the necessary permits.

“The process is all about building trust,” Black said. “From the very first meeting we have with homeowners, we want them to feel comfortable that we are taking care of everything for them. And when they have questions or concerns, they know that they can get honest answers directly from us.”

A plus to the design-build team approach – most design-build firms charge a lump sum for their work, Black said. Such firms agree to a flat rate to complete a remodeling project and will charge no more than this figure unless something unexpected – a new retaining wall has to be built, for instance – happens during the construction process.

“This way, homeowners don’t have to sit and watch as their contractors keep sending them more bills with no end in sight and no concern for an overall budget,” Black said. “This method gives homeowners more control of the process and the remodeling costs.”

If you want more information about the design-build method and its many advantages, call CB Construction at 214-773-5566. CB Construction serves the Dallas communities of; Lower Greenville, Lakewood, Lake Highlands, White Rock Lake, University Park, Highland Park and surrounding areas.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email me.

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