Homeowners Rachel and Mike Thomason purchased their 1920’s 1,500 square-foot bungalow fully aware that it had not been updated in at least 80 years. It was “an absolute wreck,” Rachel Thomason said.

The Thomasons wanted to keep the original charm of the home, while also enlarging the kitchen and opening up some other spaces. The couple wanted to add a master suite, complete with a second bathroom, as well as finish out the home with modern comforts and conveniences.

The home also needed to brought up to city building code and have its foundation repaired—no small task.

To tackle the remodel project, the Thomasons hired CB Construction. Owner Chris Black in turn, brought in Dallas architect William S. Briggs and interior designer Tiffany McKenzie to form the design team on the project.

Original blueprints found in the walls of the home guided the construction project, which lasted more than a year from the initial meeting with the Thomasons. Especially helpful were blueprint details of the original design and layout of shelving in the home.

Once CB Construction’s framing team finished installing the framing and walls of the home, the crew installed a new shower and built-in cabinetry.

The home’s original wood floors were turned into sub-flooring and covered with pine flooring salvaged from other Dallas-area homes. Reclaimed two-panel doors were used for the home’s doorways, and float glass windows, some original to the home, were added.

In keeping with the original style of the home, black and white mosaic floor tiles were laid throughout the bathroom and shower area. Other new items that retained the home’s classic design included reproduction light fixtures, push button light switches, mortised doorknobs, a large, white farmhouse kitchen sink, classic faucets with “hot” and “cold” labels and a black stove range with chrome trim.

“Reuse, replicate and conceal.”  These were the three keys to success in the remodel of the 1920’s Dallas bungalow by CB Construction.

The final result: A classic bungalow-style home built on a solid foundation, complete with modern conveniences and upgrades, that retained the home’s original charm and character—clearly a home enjoyed and appreciated.

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