Going green a few years ago may have just meant choosing between the trashcan or recycling bin. Now, the green lifestyle has gone far beyond recycling to become a top priority for many homeowners looking to remodel their home. But with a multitude of options available, navigating eco-friendly home trends can be difficult and costly. Use these tips to help you decide the best options for your eco-friendly remodel without blowing your budget:

Consider the extent of your green remodel

Is the purpose of your remodel to create a more energy-efficient environment? Or, are you looking to replace materials anywhere an eco-friendly option can be used? If you’re looking to save on future costs by creating an energy-efficient home, it can be achieved by committing to features like Energy Star appliances, tankless water heaters, enhanced insulation, low-flow water fixtures, and energy-efficient lighting.

Keep the budget in mind

Green remodels typically cost more than the average remodel due to the special care that must be taken to meet eco-friendly standards for materials and disposal. To ensure you get what you want out of an eco-friendly remodel while sticking to your budget, start with only the most necessary changes. Part of being eco-friendly is reusing existing materials, so if there are areas of your existing home that can be salvaged, such as flooring or cabinetry, don’t replace them simply because you think you should. Your budget (and the environment!) will thank you!

Find accredited green professionals

Using a contractor who is certified in green remodeling will help guarantee that your renovation is conducted according to eco-friendly standards. A certified professional will help you choose the green options that are best for your remodel without compromising your budget or expectations.

As a Certified Green Professional and EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm, CB Construction can help you complete your upcoming eco-friendly remodel. Call us today at 214.773.5566. You can learn more about our green remodeling practices here.


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