The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Truer words have never been spoken as the kitchen has transcended its traditional functions of cooking and eating to become the veritable energized center of our home lives.  It is not uncommon to find home office, entertainment, laundry and lounging areas incorporated into an expanded kitchen space, and the demand has never been higher to create an environment that has and does it all: function, efficiency, comfort and beauty. 

There are many reasons to remodel a kitchen: deterioration, lack of energy efficiency, the need to update the look and feel of your design scheme, the desire to realize energy savings or an increase in home value.  The decision to embark on a kitchen renovation is a significant and personal one that can easily become daunting.  Regardless of your motivation, we can help plan a kitchen that is well-designed to meet your specific needs while helping you to navigate the design, planning, budgeting and building processes in order to achieve your desired outcome. 

Of course, the budgetary aspects of any home project are of paramount importance, and the scope of a kitchen renovation in particular tends to stress budgetary parameters.  We certainly want to work with you every step of the way to ensure a positive experience, both from a design point-of-view and from a financial perspective as well.

Here are some key reminders that should remain a priority during any home building endeavor:

  • Know your limit.  Decide how much your want to spend and be prepared to alter your plans based on this bottom line.
  • Learn the breakdown.  Collaborate with your hired professionals to understand where your money is being spent, i.e. 35% for cabinets, 20% for appliances, 10% for windows, etc.
  • Be realistic.  The cost of materials, custom work and special orders can be shocking, so... 
  • Prepare to compromise.  If top-of-the-line everything bursts your budget at the seams, choose areas in which you are willing to be flexible.
  • Expect the unexpected.  Set aside some money and plan accordingly for last-minute changes or project “surprises.”
  • Prioritize the components of your renovation.  If you know your “must haves” you will be able to eliminate less desirable or unnecessary items in order to stay within your budget.

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, CB Construction would love to assist you in creating the heart of your home.  Call us today at 214.773.5566.  In the meantime, please enjoy browsing our kitchen portfolio by clicking here.


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