The decision to embark on a home building or renovation project is significant and exciting; however, it is easy to become overwhelmed or confused when faced with the numerous decisions that must be made along the way. Having to redo or change something once the project has begun adds not only to your timeline, but to your bottom line as well. This potential for inconvenience and over-spending can be avoided by making an Interior Designer a part of the team as early in the process as possible.

An Interior Designer is central to the entire design-build process, not merely a professional to bring in at the conclusion of the project to add finishing touches. We often recommend that our clients add this professional to their renovation team to help navigate the endless number of choices when it comes to material selection, finishes and functionality. Even being guided on when and where to begin shopping can help clients focus and allow for an easier process. An Interior Designer works closely with clients to ascertain their needs and to offer suggestions based on their lifestyle within the budget and timeline parameters that have been established.

The choice to partner with an Interior Designer can have real impact on a project, including:

  • Refinement of ideas and design scheme
  • Understanding of the quality and durability of materials
  • Guidance while shopping, pricing and selecting materials
  • Adherence to the project’s schedule and budget
  • Avoiding costly mistakes
  • Coordination of ordering and delivery

In the end, this collaboration lends a level of confidence and a greater design sense to the entire process in order to achieve the best outcome: a space that is both functional and beautiful.

Let’s explore your ideas for you next building or renovation project and how an Interior Designer can guide and inspire you through all phases of the process. Call us at 214.773.5566 – we hope to hear from you soon!


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