When I’m about to make a purchase, I tend to jump online and search for reviews looking for peace of mind about my product choice or hoping to uncover problems someone else encountered, saving me the trouble. Deciding to invest in a construction or renovation project for your home is no different. You want to be assured that you are spending wisely for an end result that achieves all of your goals — aesthetically, functionally and financially. 

How do you determine the best firm for your project? If you’re like me and choose to read online reviews, you may find the quantity and variety are overwhelming and vastly inconsistent. 

There are higher end sites which require users to pay a membership fee, such as Angie’s List, and there are free sites that allow anyone to post reviews, such as Yelp. Even a Google search for a business will yield consumer reviews alongside your search results.  

Keep in mind that since many “review” sites don’t require any authenticity of the relationship between commentator and company, anyone can submit a review. Remarks may come from competitors, friends, company employees, trolls…etc. Consequently, the task of sifting through an inordinate amount of information, not to mention the need to distinguish experience-based facts and opinions from arbitrary details and attitudes, is often prohibitive in the decision-making process.

It is precisely because of this challenge that we prioritize customer service, consistent communication and building longstanding client relationships above all else. When potential clients want to objectively evaluate our performance, they want to see sincere, authentic feedback from their peers — clients who have actually collaborated with our firm recently and who can reliably share details and advice about their experience with us. We are proud of the fact that we can rely steadily on our past and existing clients to share their CB Construction story — honestly and objectively — with prospective customers.

In addition to a timely testimonial section on our website, potential clients can read trustworthy reviews from past clients who were contacted by GuildQuality, a third party surveying organization for the remodeling industry with the goal of informing members of all feedback enabling them to improve service. We’ve surveyed every customer going back to 2009 and are pleased to share our results. We invite you to read them. Above all else, we want our relationship with clients to begin from a place of trust, confidence and certainty. 

When you are ready to consider your next remodeling effort, CB Construction would be thrilled to navigate the process with you, every step of the way. Clients come to us for a seamless, inclusive and superior experience that establishes and meets their needs, expectations and remodeling aspirations. Let us work on your before and after. Call us this spring at 214.773.5566. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email me.

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