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The 2014 Dallas Dance Spectacular competition has been a highly anticipated event for the Bryan Adams Belles. Months of preparation lad the girls to this one day, when they would leave everything on the floor. Coach Amy Solorio, who is in her seventh year as dance instructor and coach for the award winning Belles, was beaming with excitement on Monday morning following the contest as the Belles’ hard work had paid off. The team was awarded Grand Champions, February 22nd at the Poteet High School Dallas Dance Spectacular. This was the highest possible award to receive from the event, and while it is the most impressive, the list of awards the Belles walked away with is an equally extraordinary feat.

The Belles team, which consists of 38 members, including four officers, not only won Grand Champions, but won Best in Category Jazz, Best in Category Modern, and Best in Category Hip-hop. They also received the Sweepstakes Award, which is awarded when teams place a 92 or higher on all three of their routines. The Belles had a full day as it was, but on top of their team performances, the officers also performed along with solo competitors.

The Belles officers, Captain Jocelyne Flores, Senior Lieutenant Natalie Browne, Senior Lieutenant Azah Tabufor and Junior Lieutenant Dominique James, also received the top officer’s category award of Champions Circle. Again, the girls stole the show as they were awarded Best in Category Jazz, Best in Category Lyrical, Best in Category Hip-hop and the Sweepstakes Award.

Competing as a solo performer, Jocelyne Flores, a senior who is in her third year of dance, was one of five solo finalists out of 42 high school solos. This is an amazing accomplishment for Jocelyne who competed in the solo category for the first time.

Another stand out performer was Azah Tabufor, a senior who is in her second year of dance. Out of 50 high school kickers, Azah was one of four Kick Master Finalists. The girls entered a kick master challenge and learned a kick series of 100 kicks.  After eliminations, Azah stayed in the top four.

Overall, the Bryan Adams Belles walked away with a total of 13 awards. Just as the team was ready to begin celebrating as Grand Champions, they were awarded one last very special judges award. Only three judges’ awards are given out to the participating 30 schools and the Belles were awarded one of these honors, Judges Award for Precision. This is given to a team who stands out throughout the day.  In most contests, the judges will see anywhere from 400 to 600 routines.  The Belles stood out to the judges for their precision, which was made possible by the hard work and determination of every Belle, and the dedication that was echoed in those who helped choreograph and support the girls during the preparation for competition. The winning routines were choreographed by Coach Solorio, Lesly Davis, Bethany Anguiano, Mallory Sanders, Azah Tabufor, and Debbie Morton.

The Belles have their trophies proudly on display in the dance studio located at Bryan Adams. There is not a more deserving team than the Belles. These are girls who wake long before most adults, give up their weekends and do so with a smiling, positive attitude. With high expectations set by their leader, Coach Solorio, the Belles were prepared come competition day. Now, the girls are gearing up for their 7th annual Spring Show which will be held at Bryan Adams on May 2nd and May 3rd in the High School’s auditorium.  The show starts at 6:30 and tickets will be sold for $6 at the door.

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